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The best rate for your rentals

Increase the revenue from your vacation rentals knowing daily what your closest competitors are doing and forecasting their availability for the next 6 months.

Our algorithms help you obtain the optimal selling price for each day, through the analysis of rates and occupation of your competitors.

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Automate your rates in MyVR

If you use MyVR to manage your vacation rental, you can now automate the maintenance of your rates. Whether you have one or a hundred, will upload the best rates for your rentals.

Also, you can choose the semi-automatic upload, so you can upload rates after your verification.

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Monitor your growth gives you access to plenty of information about your property and its environment, allowing you to make the best decisions for the future.

Learn about your projected occupancy and that of your competitors. Explore the data with useful and simple graphs and maps.

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  • Occupancy forecast of vacation rentals.
  • Recommendation of optimum selling prices.
  • Integration with MyVR accounts.
  • Automatic update of rates.
  • Monitoring of day-to-day rate management.
  • Data analysis tools.

With you will have all the information and tools required to implement yield management. All in a single application.

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